The second journal club meeting of MAHIP’s 2016/2017 CHLA/ABSC-accredited journal club series is upon us!

DATE: Wednesday February 8th at 12pm.
FACILITATOR: Andrea Szwajcer

    Carolyn Sifton-Helene Fuld Library, St. Boniface Hospital
    Main floor, Albrectsen Research Centre
    351 Tache Ave. | Winnipeg, MB

ARTICLE: Urquhart, C. 2015. Reflections on the value and impact of library and information services. Part 1: Value identification and value creation. Performance Measurement and Metrics, Vol. 16 Iss: 1, pp.86 – 102.

    Note from the facilitator: “While this article is from two years ago, it seems apropos to a lot of conversations Manitoba libraries are having of late. Not sure that everyone is aware of this journal so thought I would to take this opportunity to showcase it; looking forward to hearing from my colleagues with marketing interests. Given the Valentine cookie swap, not planning to do “formal appraisal” but hope that everyone can take the “reflections” action to heart and bring one example from their library life to reflect on the contents of the article.” – Andrea

Journal Club Attendees (prior to meeting):
• Read the paper
• Bring one example from their library life to reflect the contents of the article

Valentine’s Cookie/Treat Swap

In festive spirit to uplift us from winter blues we’re going to have a valentine’s cookie/treat swap at this journal club meeting.

To participate:
1. Bake and bring with you to the journal club meeting two dozen cookies/treats of your choice
2. Bring your recipe to share with MAHIP members (unless it’s a secret – we will happily accept cookies even without your top secret recipe)
3. You’ll get to take home an assortment of cookies/treats made by other MAHIP members

Looking forward to seeing you there!