At Journal Club, MAHIP members meet to discuss and explore the current literature in our field. It is an excellent way to keep up with the literature, socialize with colleagues and brainstorm about new trends. For each meeting, a volunteer facilitator is responsible for choosing the article and encouraging discussion. MAHIP’s Journal Club is accredited by the Canadian Health Libraries Association (CHLA/ABSC).

For more information on the Journal Club:

Please help to make journal club a positive educational opportunity by attending and prior to the meeting:

  • Read the paper
  • Critically appraise the paper using the tool facilitator identified
  • Optional: be prepared to identify at least 1 take home point that would be actionable from the paper

2017 – 2018 Journal Club

DATE: Thursday May 31, 2018 | LEADER: Janet Rothney

    LOCATION: In person at Manitoba Libraries Conference, as part of the session Journal Club for Library Workers, presented by Janet Rothney, Grace Romund and Andrea Szwajcer
    TIME: 14h00 – 15h00

DATE: Friday April 20, 2018 | LEADER: Angela Osterreicher

    LOCATION: Online session using GoToMeeting
    TIME: 12h00 – 13h00

DATE: Wednesday February 14, 2018 | LEADER: Justin Fuhr

    LOCATION: Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library, Kerr Boardroom, Room 225
    TIME: 12h00 – 13h00
    ARTICLE: Ganshorn H, Giustini D. New directions in health sciences libraries in Canada: Research and evidence based practice are key. Health Information & Libraries Journal. 2017; 34 (3): 252-257. doi: 10.1111/hir.12190
    COOKIE SWAP: Owing to the success of last year’s cookie swap, we will be holding a Valentine’s Day cookie swap at this journal club. For details visit the journal club page.

DATE: Wednesday November 8, 2017 | LEADER: Andrea Szwajcer

    LOCATION: Virtual using GoToWebinar
    APPRAISAL TOOL: Stay tuned for more information
    COST: Our first journal club meeting is free for all participants. Future meetings will be free for MAHIP members, $5 for non-members.

2016 – 2017 Journal Club

DATE: Thursday June 8, 2017 | LEADER: Janet Rothney

    APPRAISAL TOOL: No appraisal tool for this event, but please come with your ideas to share with the group about the article.
    RSVP: To Grace Romund.

DATE: April 5, 2017 | LEADER: Orvie Dingwall

    Note that the appendices for the article are at the very bottom of the PMC page, and that the appendix link on the Oxford/JAMIA’s page is not working.

DATE: February 8, 2017 | LEADER: Andrea Szwajcer

DATE: October 4, 2016 | LEADER: Grace Romund

    ARTICLE: Amy E. Blevins, Jennifer DeBerg & Elizabeth Kiscaden (2016) Assessment of Service Desk Quality at an Academic Health Sciences Library. Medical Reference Services Quarterly. 35:3, 285-293, DOI: 10.1080/02763869.2016.1189782


2015 – 2016 Journal Club

DATE: March 6, 2016 | LEADER: Grace Romund

DATE: February 5, 2016 | LEADER: Orvie Dingwall

DATE: October 20, 2015 | LEADER: Mê-Linh Lê


2014 – 2015 Journal Club

DATE: November 14, 2014 | LEADER: Judy Inglis


Cook, D. A., Sorensen, K. J., Wilkinson, J. M., Berger, R. A. (2013). Barriers and decisions when answering clinical questions at the point of care: A grounded theory study. JAMA Internal Medicine, 173(21), 1962-1969. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2013.10103.
DATE: June 6, 2014 | LEADER: Laura Hochheim


Dennett L, Chatterley T, Greyson D, Surette S. Embedded health librarianship: The Canadian Landscape. JCHLA. 2013; 34(02): 61-68. doi:10.5596/c13-024



Greyson D, Surette S, Dennett L, Chatterley T. “You’re just one of the group when you’re embedded”: Report from a mixed-method investigation of the research-embedded health librarian experience. JMLA. 2013; 101(4): 287-297. doi:10.3163/1536-5050.101.4.010; 10.3163/1536-5050.101.4.010


2013 – 2014 Journal Club

DATE: January 9, 2014 | LEADER: Caroline Monnin

    Giuse NB, Kusnoor SV, Koonce TY, Ryland CR, Walden RR, Naylor HM, et al. Strategically aligning a mandala of competencies to advance a transformative vision. J Med Libr Assoc. 2013 Oct;101(4):261-7.

DATE: October 29, 2013 | LEADER: Andrea Szwajcer

    Marshall JG, Sollenberger J, Easterby-Gannett S, Morgan LK, Klem ML, Cavanaugh SK, et al. The value of library and information services in patient care: Results of a multisite study. J Med Libr Assoc. 2013 Jan;101(1):38-46.

2012 – 2013 Journal Club

DATE: April 3, 2013 |LEADER: Melissa Raynard

    Lorenzetti, DL and Rutherford, G. Information professionals’ participation in interdisciplinary research: a preliminary study of factors affecting successful collaborations. Health information and libraries journal. 2012; 29(4):274-284.

DATE: Feb 1, 2013 | LEADER: Kerry Macdonald

    Sampson M, McGowan J, Cogo E, Grimshaw J, Moher D, Lefebvre C. An evidence-based practice guideline for the peer review of electronic search strategies. J Clin Epidemiol. 2009 Sep;62(9):944-52. doi: 10.1016/j.jclinepi.2008.10.012. PMID: 19230612.

DATE: December 7, 2012 | LEADER: Christine Shaw-Daigle

    Powelson SE, Reaume RD. Using the results of a satisfaction survey to demonstrate the impact of a new library service model. Health Info Libr J. 2012 Sep;29(3):223-32. doi: 10.1111/j.1471-1842.2012.00988.x. Epub 2012 Apr 23.

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