Journal Club Facilitator

One month prior to meeting

  • Select a paper of interest, preferably a recent article
  • Read the paper
  • Communicate paper selection and critical tool that facilitator will use to Journal Club coordinator
  • Critically appraise the paper using Glynn or other tool
  • Identify 2-3 personal learning objectives from the paper (hopefully derived from why it is picked in the first place)
  • Create a 1 page summary of paper, tool findings, and objectives
  • Review previous learning points if applicable (obtain from Journal Club Coordinator)

During the meeting
If applicable, review each learning from previous meeting (see below at “take home points”; 5 – 10 min beginning):

  • Record the date of follow up
  • Record the number of individuals who implemented the learning
  • Circle the type of barriers that individuals may have experienced in implementation
  • Further elaborate on follow up activities of this learning if applicable

Verbally present the paper (10- 15 min):

  • Describe why the paper was chosen
  • Describe the objectives formulated
  • Summarize the paper and appraisal findings
  • Ask the group if they agree with the findings; if not why not
  • Ask, discuss, or pursue any issues the paper raised with the attendees

Ask attendees to identify their specific “take home points” from the paper (5-10 min at the end)

  • Record each “learning point” on a separate row with the date
  • Classify each learning point according to the category in column 3 this will need to be adjusted to a librarian environment
  • Ask attendees to complete facilitator evaluation sheet to hand in to Journal Club Coordinator

After the meeting

  • Hand in Learning Summary Sheet to Journal Club Coordinator