Journal Club Attendees

Prior to Meeting

  • Read the paper
  • Critically appraise the paper using the tool facilitator identified
  • Optional: be prepared to identify at least 1 take home point that would be actionable from the paper


MAHIP Journal Club Open Mendeley group

Appraisal Tools

MAHIP Journal Club utilizes the following resources:

  • Glynn Critical Appraisal Tool
    Glynn, Lindsay. A critical appraisal tool for library and information research. Library Hi Tech. 2006; 24 (3): 87 – 399.
  • Checklist for Quality Improvement Case Studies
  • Adapted from Greenhalgh, T. Papers that report quality improvement case studies. From: How to read a paper: the basics of evidence-based medicine. 4th ed. BMJ Books. Hoboken NJ. 2010; 188-198.