AGM Checklist

One Month in Advance:

    Nominating Committee established
    Date chosen
    Venue chosen
    Constitution reviewed to ensure compliance

Agenda Prepared, to include:

    Approval of previous year’s minutes
    President’s Report (may incorporate other reports)
    Treasurer’s Report
    Bylaw changes, if applicable
    Election of Executive Officers
    Announcements (award presentations, upcoming events, etc.)
    Other business

15 Days in Advance:

    AGM Notice (minimum 2 weeks in advance) sent to members with:

    • Agenda
    • Previous year AGM minutes
    • Notice of By-Law changes sent out (if appropriate)
    • Membership renewal form

    Website updated
    Catering arranged

Reports Written:

    Treasurer, including Membership information
    Nominating Committee
    Other reports, as appropriate

One Week in Advance:

    Numbers confirmed for catering
    Election of Officers prepared
    Reminder communication sent to members (as above)
    Certificates created for out-going Executive members
    Photocopying to hand out at AGM prepared:

    • President’s Report
    • Agenda
    • Treasurer’s Report
    • Minutes from last year’s AGM
    • Ballots and slate of nominees
    • Bylaw resolutions if applicable
    • Membership renewal forms

One Day in Advance:

    Current membership list available
    All reports and photocopying assembled

Tidbits Not to Forget:

    Motion to accept Minutes
    Request for nominations from the floor
    Motion to destroy ballots (once elections are complete)